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"Ava gave me a new outlook on life and inspired me to be a stronger person. She was able to make sense of my past and give me guidance for the future."

                                                        Lowell T. (New York, USA)

"Living in constant fear made my life terrible. The fear never left me. Due to this, I had headaches, sleeping problems. I could not cope with my daily life. Three sessions with Ava have changed my life. She helped me to overcome fear. My life became immeasurably better. Thanks to Ava I rebuilt my self-confidence and now I am a professional lawyer."

                                                          Nora  (London, UK)

" I met Ava around 2012 and like me, Ava is a Mental Projector who knows Human Design not only in a personal experiential way but also studied it for years. As an MP, I search for a professional who knows Human Design and does reading in a PURE way, not a reading from inexperience, and who integrates outside resources. A good Guide is one that uses Human Design in its purest form. Ava is EXACTLY that Guide! Ava walks the talk and I trust her 101% with my chart."


                                Sandra Rojo, Success Mindset Coach & 10 years in HD experiment 

"During one of the most difficult times in my life I met Ava and she truly showed up for me. I found myself receiving support in my healing process on many different levels through her work. I felt comforted and nurtured on an emotional level as well as cleared and connected on more subtle planes. I genuinely recommend her work (and often do!) to anyone who is seeking support in their healing process. For any person who is ready to step into deeper integrity in their own lives and begin to show up deeply on the path of practice, love, and wisdom."  
                                                        Alec (Kauai, Hawaii)                                                                                                                                                                           

"I would highly recommend healing sessions with Ava for anyone who needs clarity, feels “stuck” or “drained”, discouraged or heartbroken, or is looking for some peace of mind or guidance. I was all that and more. The healing sessions and Human Design reading with Ava gave me an opportunity to connect and pay attention to what is going on within me psychologically, physiologically, and spiritually. 

She is an experienced practitioner who is wise and kind. Sessions with Ava is a different kind of experience than traditional therapy and feels so much more powerful. I am beyond impressed by her intuitiveness and thoroughness - working with mind, body, and spirit. She is an unusually gifted teacher and healer. 

                                                          Luna (New Jersey, USA)

"…It is nearly impossible for me to understand what exactly Ava does & how she does it, but I want to tell you this one thing: whatever it is that she does, it works… Ava helped me to get rid of my daily excruciating headaches and insomnia. My daughter, having had some sessions with Ava before, recommended her to me. I was rather skeptical as to the logistics of the distance healing session: Ava lives all the way in the USA & I reside on the other side of the world, in Lithuania... But as soon as we had our first session & I actually slept all through the night, waking up without my daily dose of blinding headache, I realized that I don’t need to understand anything. I don't know how it works but I know that it does. That’s enough for me. Thank you, Ava, you are an amazing healer!" 



I really enjoyed my Human Design session with Ava. I felt it gave me a solid place to start as a mental projector. Ava explained the mechanics in a clear and concise way and then accentuated some of the key concepts with some very insightful examples. Ava's examples are like opening the window to let in a sunlit breeze. She is a powerful and compassionate guide. 

                                                   Jennifer Sheppard, Rhode Island 

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